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Pasquale and Marianna’s Wedding Day


Pasquale and Marianna’s Wedding Day

Telling about a wedding, which I’ve been preparing for many months, always gives me a unique feeling: it is the pleasure of granting you the luxury of going through slow-motion moments that you will never forget.

Pasquale and Marianna are a very young married couple who have shared with me not only the realization of their dream as a couple but a path that has been going on long before.

I met Pasquale for the first time on the occasion of her sister’s wedding, for which I made the wedding day coordinator (to find out more about what it is, read here!)).

 Already on that occasion, I fell in love with their wonderful family and the welcome they gave me. One day, I received a phone call from Marianna announcing the joyful news: their wedding would have been celebrated in September and I would have been their loyal wedding planner!


Pasquale and Marianna are a very young couple of Monte Sant’Angelo, he’s 28 years old, she is 24. Their story begins with a very long courtship: Marianna is a typically Southern beauty, a refined and elegant face, a youth that is transmitted in all its freshness; Pasquale is an elegant man but, above all, proud of his work in the Army. From their great love, two years ago was born their first beautiful son, who accompanied the parents to the altar together with the little cousin.

The traditional ceremony was held in the ancient Church of San Francesco while the reception was hosted by the Dimora Romita hall.

The style of marriage I designed for this young couple was designed to be simple but above all chic. Elegance is transmitted in every small detail, as expected both in the Church and in the hall. The concept behind the wedding was to create an atmosphere from which to breathe elegance and style, through the wise use of floral decorations, composed of pink roses, blue and white hydrangeas. Each table was adorned with rich bouquets.




For the sweet corner, instead, I had a leaf-covered stock from which a composition of roses and hydrangeas appeared. A much appreciated detail were small glass ampoules that “rained” from above, containing lighted candles.

The table for the couple was enriched by this same composition but with an alternative version, composed of pink roses, mist and white lisianthus with very delicate blue ribs. Even the stationery, made by the team of Daruma for Wedding, have fully achieved the style I wanted to achieve.

The tableau tags, the placards, the confetti tags and the thanks tags were made creating delicate geometric patterns in which the initials of the spouses were set, surrounded by flowers in watercolour, in pastel colours.

Needless to say that the bride’s dress was perfect: in tulle with delicate shades of pink, which exalted even more her beauty and her young age.

The marriage of Pasquale and Marianna was exactly as I imagined it, full of kindness, grace and a lot of love! And I take this opportunity above all to thank the newlyweds!

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