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Once upon a time…Domenico and Claudia

Marita Campanella

Once upon a time…Domenico and Claudia

Once upon a time there were a prince, Domenico, and a princess, Claudia.

We have seen more than once, in passing, exchanging looks of interest but with a pinch of sincere shyness. The images of one and the other remained a long one in the mind of the two but without anyone being able to better meet the other.

One day, fateful, Domenico accidentally found Claudia, in Riccione, to celebrate the birthday of a countess, a friend of both. That opportunity was perfect to touch a hand casually and finally to give a name to those passionate faces.

From that moment, Claudia and Domenico no longer parted: facts made compromises, overcoming obstacles, overtaking windmills, along dirt roads, exceeded kilometres but despite all their love was never scratched.
Since then it took 4 beautiful years until, in a romantic as ever Valentine’s Day, it arrived: “she”, the long-awaited marriage proposal.
The joy of this story turned into a wonderful ceremony in the charming village of Ischitella. To welcome the triumphal entry of Princess Claudia, a corridor of Agapanthus and bouquets of lisianthus and white roses, from “I Fiori di Melany”.
She was beautifully dressed, in a mermaid dress, with lace and a long veiled train. He was in a blue suit, wearing all his elegance.
The guests, immediately after the celebration, were invited to continue the festivities at the Dimora Romita, in Foggia, a completely renovated reception hall that for generations has been knowing the true meaning of hospitality.
The preparation of the room followed the central theme of white, with glass ampoules that descended from above, full of fragrant freesias. The banquet was sumptuous and of highest quality, allowing guests to taste all kinds of sweet and savoury specialties. The music of Dj Luigi Sgaramella created joy and harmony among the guests.
The cut of the cake took place in the renovated area of the reception hall, on a sweet corner set up with a riot of flowers and Mucci’s confetti of all tastes: hazelnut, pistachio, mini confetti, hazelnut curls, rum and so on.
Ultimately, a success for organization, result and happiness. In this timeless love story, there could not have been a finer ending than a dream finally achieved!

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