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Born in Naples but adopted by Apulia, I live just two steps off the wonderful Gargano. I am an happy wife and mom of two guys I have always followed despite the passion for my work. From the age of twenty I always worked in ho.re.ca counseling but in the last years my strong passion for organizing events was so predominant that I made it my current profession.
My focus is on private parties, parades, meetings and courses on bon ton and breeding. In 2015, I also specialized in Naples as a Wedding Planner at the Wedding Luxury Academy with Cira Lombardo and, later, I deepened my knowledge through courses on floral decorations and civil ceremonies.
My being cheerful, determined, creative and humble allow me to come in perfect harmony with my interlocutors.
Attention to new trends, refined glamorous style and good manners are the features that make me one of most requested WP of my area.
For this reason, I am still delighted to provide advices e suggestions to all the operators of the ho.re.ca sector who intend to communicate their activities with particular attention to the image of the table and beyond.
Another passion is my love for my land, so one of the goals of my work is to allow people from other countries to appreciate territory where I live as well as for history, local craftsmanship, blue sea, even for architectural and artistic spectacularity of some unconventional locations, willing to open the doors for exclusive events in a setting perfectly integrated with great food and good wine.

Event And Wedding

From private parties to weddings, from inauguration of new stores to a parade, there is nothing left to the case in my event planning and coordination.
I love to receive and pamper the protagonists and guests of the events I’m commissioned and my prerogative is the absolute priority of my clients’ needs.
My passion for the receptions I coordinate is the same I dedicate to the table where to receive my guests. To be welcomed in a private home or in a restaurant is the same, the preparation of the event and in particular of the table must be accurate, expressing refinement and simplicity.
Guests have to feel comfortable and enjoy everything they need. Of course, fresh flowers can’t miss, as well as a placeholder in formal lunches keeping always the same coordinated style.
I pay particular attention to everything that is “good manners” also through events I promote.
In your cultural baggage, who would not like to be a perfect Lady or a Gentleman? And who would like to know how to behave in any situation, including those that are potentially embarrassing?
It’s not a coincidence that I began to wonder about these topics and started organizing meeting where learning Bon Ton and breeding to use in such a “little-educated” time.
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Southern Italy represents a pride for all Italians while foreigners continue to appreciate our Country more and more, choosing it as a destination for their Weddings.

Thanks to my experience in the hotel & restaurant sector, I have the opportunity to discover and know the most beautiful locations in Puglia, Abruzzo, Campania and Basilicata and it is therefore easy for me to manage and coordinate the marriage of those foreigners who want to realize their Italian dream.

As a Wedding Planner, I also have direct contacts with the best Wedding providers. No detail will be underestimated and the most important day of your life will be lived with all the excellence of made in Italy.

Celebrante Riti Simbolici

Il matrimonio celebrato con rito simbolico o spirituale è sempre originale, perché ideato su misura e progettato insieme agli sposi. Sugellare, in veste di celebrante, l’amore di due sposi, rende il mio lavoro di event planner completo a 360°.


La cerimonia simbolica deriva dall’America e negli ultimi anni si sta diffondendo anche nel nostro Paese. Anche nel rito simbolico, come in quello religioso, non mancano l’ingresso dello sposo e della sposa, la lettura delle promesse e lo scambio degli anelli per l’unione dell’amore e la nascita di una nuova famiglia.


Ho scelto di diventare celebrante professionista per essere parte, in modo discreto e intimo, della vostra unione davanti alle persone a voi più care e rendere il vostro matrimonio unico ed emozionante.



Marita Campanella


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